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Access Control

From a simple stand alone access system that does not require a PC, through to a fully networked PC based access systems which is capable of doing from to 100’s of door s and from 1 to 1000 users. Access control has proven an essential and reliant tool for business such as retail department stores, industrial and commercial premises, public building such as schools, libraries, doctors, hospitals, access control systems have the ability to not only let authorized personal into secure areas, But also giving you the ability to stop people entering unauthorized areas.

You can select various different access control systems such as:

  • Biometric Readers
  • Thumb Readers
  • Proximity Fobs
  • Swipe Card

Integrated Digital Access Control Systems can be used on the following applications:

  • Log on to your site anywhere in the world
  • Allow staff access to controlled areas
  • Monitor unauthorized areas
  • Time keeping
  • Staff management
  • Full audit availability
  • Lights
  • Gates / Barriers
  • Machinery




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